W30 Handheld Ear Washing Machine


Sunuo® W30 Invisible Handheld Ear Washing Machine easily rinses and cleans ears of wax, oils, and debris.With the power of W30 Handheld Ear Washing Machine, a premixed packet to pour into your  Handheld Ear Washing Machine, you can clean and clear your ears weekly.

Sunuo® W30 Specification

◆Material: PC (60%), ABS15A1 (40%)

◆Color:Blue/ Purple/ Pink/ Dark blue/ Black/ Green

◆Weight 480g

Accessories gift list:

Electric ear irrigation *1

Disposable ear tips*9

five-hole nozzle*1

White water container*1

USB charging cable (80cm)*1

Internal blister*1

40*40 blue towel*1

User manual (English)*1

Packing box*1

Item model number:
Product name:
Electron ear washer
Working voltage:
Indicator color:
Blue/ Purple/ Pink/ Dark blue/ Black/ Green
Product rated power:
Power supply:
18650 (2000mah)
Charging time:
about 2.5 hours
Waterproof function:
The product is not waterproof, and the contact with the bottle mouth is waterproof
Charging method:
Type-c charging cable
Product size:
178.93 x 83 x 279.79MM

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