SUEAR M5 visual acne remover with camera


Sunuo® M5 Visual Acne Squeezing and Tweezers is used on cleaning your blackheads, acnes and abscess.It has a 20X Blackhead remover with ultra-high definition camera, 20X zoom skin can help you easily locate facial defects, control the power of treatment, to ensure a safe and efficient solution to skin problems.

Sunuo® M5 Specification

◆Product model): M5

◆Material: PC (60%), ABS 15A1 (40%), AL6063 (camera part)

◆Colo:Black customized

◆Lens color: Clear (transparent)

◆Weight unit weight: 0.077KG

Product function keys introduction:

Accessories gift list:

acne ring X1

Type-C charging cableX1

the accessories are screwed to the camera by rotating threads

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